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MyCloud 3 size Baby Diaper

MyCloud,MyCloud Baby Diapers

my cloud 3 numara bebek bezi


Thanks to its flexible and ergonomic structure, MyCloud Baby diaper gently hugs your baby with love, while offering the comfort your baby needs with its leak-proof and fully dry structure. The breathable outer surface in the superior protective tissue of the diaper does not harm your baby’s sensitive skin. Thanks to the wetness indicator, you can easily notice the diaper change time.


Why Choose MyCloud Baby Diaper?


You can safely use the MyCloud Baby diaper, which protects your baby’s sensitive skin and provides comfort and freedom of movement, from the moment your baby opens their eyes. Because MyCloud diapers are meticulously designed for your baby’s sensitive and delicate skin.


The choice of mothers around the world, MyCloud Baby diapers wrap your baby with love and are 100% produced in Turkey.


MY CLOUD BEBEK BEZI 1536x1030 px

Superior Features of MyCloud Baby Diaper:


  • Extra soft breathable outer surface
  • Super absorbent sealing layer
  • Reinforced inner layer that traps moisture
  • Wetness indicator
  • Flexible sidebands
  • Ergonomic structure designed with cotton-like texture

How to Change Diaper?



Changing diapers may be difficult at first, but you’ll soon figure it out. First, prepare the area where you will change diapers. Make sure everything you need is at hand and far enough away from your baby, plus remember that you will have to leave the baby that way for every item you may need. This may not always turn out as you imagine.


Get the diaper and wet towel. Open the diaper and turn it to wrap your baby. Lay your baby in the area where you will change the diaper. Grab it with one hand and make sure it’s secure. To prevent accidents, do not leave anything within reach. Take off your shoes and socks. Make sure all your clothes are off and not within reach.


Open the soiled diaper and gently lift your baby by the ankles. Wipe the soiled area from front to back with a wet towel and continue until you are sure your skin is completely clean.


How to Tie a Baby Diaper?


Holding your baby by the feet in the same way, raise the leg side slightly. Place the diaper under your baby with the Velcro side facing back. In the next step, bring the front of the diaper to your baby’s tummy. Attach the tapes to the front of the cloth.

Check with your finger whether the cloth is too tight or too loose. At this point, using the right number of diapers (you can check the page titled what size of diapers should I use) will reduce your chances of error. The distance of two fingers is ideal for your baby to breathe and move freely. If the diaper you use has side barriers, it will be easier for your baby to grasp.

Fold the dirty cloth inside, then fix the cloth you collected with the adhesives on the cloth and throw it away.

Dress your baby and wash your hands. That’s all you have to do, now you can cleanly continue where you left off.


3 numara detay

How Many Hours Should Diapers Be Changed?


There is no fixed time period for changing diapers. The purpose of the change frequency is to prevent the sensitive skin of babies from getting infected. It is recommended to change diapers an average of 6-7 times a day for newborn babies, so that the baby’s bottom remains dry for the longest time. You can reduce this number in the coming months and ages.



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