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Soft Elastic Surgical Child Mask 10 pcs

Hug Love,Hug Love surgical mask

yumusak lastikli cerrahi 10 lu




Silver salt particles are known for their growth-limiting effects against microorganisms. The disinfectant effect of silver ions is based on the interaction between the cell wall proteins of microorganisms and the blocking of enzymes necessary for metabolism.

In the presence of virus, the activity is based on electrostatic interaction: like a magnet, silver ions attract viruses with opposite charge and permanently attach them to sulfur groups (silver sulfur not only immobilizes the virus, but also inactivates the virus by strongly binding to sulfur groups.)

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Special polymer structure combined with Nano-Silver technology

It also prevents bacteria from multiplying.

Nano-Silver technology destroys common harmful viruses (such as flu and coronavirus) in minutes. It provides effective protection for textile products used as a host surface against contamination and contamination by viruses and bacteria.

Strong antimicrobial effect

It showed 99.9% antimicrobial effect against bacteria. It has neutralized coronavirus and influenza viruses by 87%.


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The Hug Love mask, produced from 3-layer fabric, provides a high level of protection by filtering particles such as dust, smoke, viruses and bacteria in the air at a minimum rate of 95%.

The edges of the mask are designed to form a seal around the nose and mouth. It minimizes the risk of respiratory transmission of viruses such as Covid-19.

Thanks to its flexible and soft texture, it fits comfortably on a wide variety of face shapes and sizes. The mask remains fixed during exertion.

Its curved and low profile design fits snugly to nose and eye contours thanks to its adjustable nose clips.

Providing comfort thanks to its 3-panel surface, Hug Love Mask’s innovative low breathing resistance filter technology makes breathing easier.

Ear threads are allergen-free, flexible, retain their elasticity for a long time and do not sag in use.



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