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MyCloud Wet Wipes 100 Pcs Flower

MyCloud,MyCloud Wet Wipes

mavi 100 lu islak mendil cicek

MyCloud Wet Wipes Gentle cleanser special for your baby’s sensitive skin… Your baby’s skin, which brings you beauties from the moment of birth; It is much thinner, more sensitive and vulnerable than your parents’ skin. We have prepared MyCloud Wet Wipes, carefully formulated for your baby’s skin. It can be used safely for a gentle care in your baby’s hand, face and skin care cleaning.

Why wet towel wipes?

Our protective packaging, in which your design will be placed on top of our wet towel wipes, is produced from opaque film, and the high brightness of the light transmission is reduced to a very minimum level. When your customers feel the need for hygiene and cleaning, you can add a new dimension to your service understanding with wet towel wipes.


It is in your hands to increase customer satisfaction with our wet towel wipes that do not contain alcohol, protect your skin health and are produced within the framework of quality standards, with your company’s promotional design on the package. Create an unforgettable welcome service and an extraordinary feeling of comfort with wet towel wipes, the name of Practical Solution in Cleaning. Your customers will always appreciate your efforts to make things favorable.



MY CLOUD ISLAK HAVLU2 1536x1030 px



First class quality is preferred in all materials used.
All stages of our production; It complies with all the standards set by the Ministry of Health.
Dermatologically and microbiologically tested.
Does not contain Paraben-Gluten.
It does not contain alcohol. It does not contain perfumes, dyes, soaps and allergens.



Where are MyCloud Wet Wipes Used? What are the Usage Areas?


You can use wet wipes to clean the sand sticking to your feet at the beach. You can easily disperse the sand by hitting the handkerchief on the sand like vinegar.
You can clean the crayons that your child writes on the wall with wet wipes without difficulty.
You can wipe your nose with a wet tissue and it can help to unclog your nose.
When you feel a bad smell, you can smell the wet tissue to prevent nausea.
You can clean your baby’s bottom with a soft and paraben-free wet wipe.
You can use wet wipes to remove wax residues, adhesive marks or clumped hairs on the wall edges.
To get the fluffiness of your hair, you can use wet wipes as a method to straighten it.
You can remove the dust on your plants with wet wipes. You can use it to dust some of your household items.
You can use wet wipes to clean the spilled stains on the blanket or rug.
When you dye your hair, you can remove the overflow areas with the help of wet wipes. You can also use it as a makeup remover.
You can use wet wipes to clean shoes and shine your shoes.
After wiping the inside of the trash can with a wet tissue, put it in a bag. You’ll notice that the trash doesn’t smell like it used to, as bacteria won’t build up because you’ve wiped the trash can.
When you sweat, you can put a wet wipe on your armpit for 2 minutes. It can both absorb sweat and cause it to smell good.





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