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Hug Love XL Size Adult Diapers

Hug Love,Hug Love Adult Diapers

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Hug Love Adult Diaper Soft breathable texture that keeps the skin dry: Thanks to its fully breathable side surfaces and cotton-like soft textile outer surface, which helps to keep the skin dry for a long time and protect skin health, it offers superior comfort throughout the day and makes you feel comfortable as if you are on the clouds.


Double layer absorbent layer that absorbs liquid quickly for extra dryness and healthy skin


Double layer super absorbent layer: It helps to keep the skin dry and healthy by absorbing the liquid quickly.


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Special absorbent layer that absorbs liquid quickly for skin health and comfort

The new elastic waistband ensures a tight and secure fit of the diaper on the back-waist area.


Velcro straps that can be opened and closed repeatedly


Velcro straps, which allow the diaper to be attached easily and securely, can be opened and closed again when necessary.


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Special anatomical design that tightly hugs the body and provides superior comfort


Dermatologically tested. It is soft and skin-friendly for added comfort.


Wetness indicator to easily track diaper change time


Wetness indicator to easily follow the diaper change time: As the diaper is filled with liquid, the wetness indicator changes color to help determine the change time.

How to Change the Diaper of a Bed-bound Patient?


If you care for a loved one who is bedridden and incontinent at home, you may find yourself having to change their adult diaper. Changing the diaper properly is important as it helps keep the skin clean and protect it from infection and perineal dermatitis (aka diaper rash).


Prolonged exposure to urine and feces can damage the skin, causing tissue breakdown and causing the formation of decubitus ulcers (bed sores). Beyond keeping skin clean and infection-free, a properly fitted adult diaper helps minimize skin irritation that causes these hard-to-treat sores.


Changing an adult diaper for the first time may seem awkward and daunting, but there are steps that can make the process easier for you and your loved ones.


Changing a patient’s diaper


If you are the one responsible for changing a loved one’s diaper, have all the necessary supplies near the bed. These:

Disposable medical gloves
A clean adult diaper
A plastic grocery bag
Pre-moistened wipes such as baby wipes or wet wipes (or alternatively, skin cleanser with disposable wipes)
skin protective barrier cream
Make sure these consumables are reserved for diaper changes only. For example, it is important not to share barrier cream. Plus, you’re less likely to accidentally run out of wipes or skin cream if you keep all your supplies in one place.

Consider renting or purchasing a hospital bed if you don’t already have one. It makes it easier to care for a bedridden person and can also make them feel more comfortable.



Things to consider in the diaper


To maintain the integrity of the skin, you should change adult diapers as soon as they become soiled. Every effort should be made to regularly check diapers.

Changing adult diapers can be done by one person, but having someone to assist you (especially if the loved one is older or you are small) makes it much easier. However, it usually takes some practice to do it yourself.


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To change adult diapers:


Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.
Put on a pair of medical gloves.
If the bed is adjustable, raise the entire bed to a comfortable height, slightly below your hips.
Squeeze the side of the soiled diaper away from you under her hips and open it.
With one hand on the hip and the other on the shoulder, turn your loved one to their side, away from you.
If you have the patient diaper tucked sufficiently below the hip, you should be able to pull the diaper under.
Roll the soiled diaper inward when removing it to avoid any mess.
Put the soiled diaper in a plastic shopping bag (but do not completely seal the bag yet).
Thoroughly clean both the anterior and posterior diaper area using damp wipes. Avoid pressing or rubbing too hard on the skin. You may need to lay your loved one on their back or side to clean areas you cannot reach.
Put the used wipes in the shopping bag.
While your loved one is still with you, check for bedsores. It is important to do this daily and to treat appropriately when early symptoms develop.
Apply protective cream to moisturize and protect the skin.
When your patient’s skin is dry, open a new diaper and tuck the side farthest from you under your hip. Flatten the rest of the diaper and place it on the bed, smoothing the sheets underneath as well.
Turn your patient towards you on the diaper.
Pull the cloth between your legs.
Remove all wrinkles and tuck the strips. For a snug fit, glue the top tabs down and the bottom tabs facing up.
Take off the disposable gloves and put them in the shopping bag. Knot the opening and discard.
Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.
Adjust the bed to the desired height and position.
Before leaving, check that your loved ones are positioned correctly in bed. This involves moving them regularly so that pressure is not applied to one hip or another part of the body for too long.


By keeping the skin clean, adjusting the body position every two hours, and keeping the bed linen clean and smooth, you can prevent bedsores and make life easier for you and your loved ones.


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