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Hug Love hygienic pads Classic

Hug Love,Hug Love Hygienic pad

hug love kadin pedi klasik


Hug Love hygienic pads Classic Micro protection technology offers security when you need it and privacy when you want it.

Dry, Safe and Odor Controlled

Provides Triple Protection against leak, odor and moisture.

Fresh Odor Control for Confidence

It has an Odor Control feature that makes you feel fresh with micro-particles providing enhanced refreshment that traps the liquid and removes odor.

Confidential and Secure. HUG LOVE protection

HUGLOVE KAIN PEDI 1536x1030 px


Single product packaged

The normal sac pad can be easily carried in a handbag or pocket and easily thrown away thanks to its single product packaging.

Dermatologically tested and fragrance-free.

All materials in the product have been tested safely and are suitable for sensitive skin with its soft texture.


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